I've had this conversation COUNTLESS times after a few years working in digital missions. Many pastors and missionaries have the same perspective that the digital world "isn't real" and that "digital ministry" isn't "real ministry".

As Christians, we should be engaging the internet (social or otherwise) with cautious wisdom AND creative winsomeness (Mt 10:16). Our team has talked a lot about how so many parts of the Christian life and following Jesus equates to following the Jesus' third-way: not to the left, not to the right, but the narrow road of somewhere in-between. It's amazing how that concept applies to so many spheres. How do we engage online AND offline that reflects the ways of Jesus?

Grateful for the great processing you share in this space, Chris. Keep digging... these and related questions are the ones we, across the church, need better answers to.

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This is so distressing but not surprising. Imposters are a dime a dozen in the church. The reality is God is not mocked. Whatever someone sows they shall reap. This is the Word of the Lord.

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